We have gathered a collection of free-to-use RAW files for you to practice retouching and to start building your portfolio!!!

This is our selection of free raw files. Every package comes with a bunch of high-quality raw files for retouchers to practice their retouching techniques.

We provide you with an up-to-date resource for you to legally download premium RAW files. Please read our guidelines below on usage agreements before you download the images and start working on them. The photographers granted our readers permission to practice with the images and display both their retouched versions and the originals on their websites and social media.

Credit guidelines are mentioned below with every Package! Yes, the free raw files we provide are for you to practice retouching and give you the chance to work on some real images. Ideally, you can use them to start building your retouching portfolio and prove to others what you are capable of. In your best interest, you want always to start retouching with a raw file to end up with the best outcome possible. Downloading our raw files is the first step on your way to becoming a professional beauty retoucher!

We believe we are the best and most honest resource on retouching education out there. For that reason, we want to help improve beginner retouchers and advanced beginners alike to find good material to practice techniques and better their retouching skills.

Our Free RAW files are images from commonly used 35mm full-frame cameras. These are what most retouchers work with during commercial jobs. We also offer Premium RAW Filesall shot on medium format cameras, the highest quality standard to work with. Professional retoucher Daniel Meadows talks about all things retouching tools and workflow. Get industry insights from working professionals.

Professional retoucher Daniel Meadows shares insights in professional retouching, how he learned retouching with the help of browsing forums, and how to work with advertising agencies.

Joel Grimes shares his passion for creating images with us and why he is an artist with merely a set of tools to help his vision come to life. Sometimes we all need time to make plans. A business can only strive and maintain stable flow if we are headed in the right direction. I am asking some existential questions in this episode.

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Scott Kelby is one of the heavyweights in the photo industry, and for good reasons! We talk about his start in the industry, how he grew his business and the ethics of retouching. High-End retoucher Susan from California talks about her way to becoming a full-time retoucher in the beauty and fashion industry.

Downloading our raw files is completely free of charge.

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We, however, would like you to subscribe to our email list.Blackmagic has made the original files available so you can color grade them yourself. I have uploaded one of the clips in full 6K resolution, but it may take a while before it is available to watch in 6K.

There are a series of 9 clips showcasing different shooting scenarios where the Pocket 6K was used. You need to click on the link to view the videos. You can also download material from 6 of these clips. When shooting a nature documentary, you want the smallest possible rig so you can be unobtrusive and out of sight. In addition to its high dynamic range sensor, you also get 4 shock resistant microphones, dual media recorders, and a large touchscreen display with focus assist, peaking indicators and more.

In addition to shooting 6K at 60 fps, you can also record 2.

wedding raw files download

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lets you get the same high end image quality of a Hollywood feature film on any budget! In this example, the 6K model was used with EF mount and Atlas Orion 35, 65, and 80mm cinematic lenses. Blackmagic RAW was used so that the original camera image quality could be maintained throughout post with DaVinci Resolve. A small rig was used including a Blackmagic Video Assist 4K, which made it easier for the rest of the crew to follow along, check focus and see framing.

wedding raw files download

Blackmagic says that you can capture sports such as mountain biking at up to 60 frames per second in 4K or 6K. You can even shoot windowed 2. In this example, multiple cameras were positioned around the bike trail to capture the race from different angles and to keep up with the action. You get full Blackmagic RAW image quality built into a camera that you can easily carry on a gimbal, strap to a motor bike, wear on your body, or even put in a crash vehicle.

You can even control the camera remotely via Bluetooth to start and stop recording as needed and to change settings which means you can shoot in dangerous situations without having to be too close.

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lets you create virtual open house tours so potential clients can view the property any time. Potential buyers can even see out through the windows while watching the clip. The EF lens mount of the 6K model allows wide angle lenses to be used, making the space feel even larger. Extended video mode and Blackmagic RAW create small files with gorgeous color that can be edited and posted online fast.

Everybody wants a beautiful wedding video, but nobody wants a large crew with a massive camera.In the world of photography, one of the most commonly used terms is a RAW file image that basically means the image from the camera is not yet processed. Thanks to the power of Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimateyou can quickly and easily convert and adjust any RAW image to reveal the vibrant colors, details and beauty within every shot. In addition, you can take advantage of another powerful application, Corel AfterShot included with Paintshop Pro Ultimate that provides a faster way to process and manage your digital photos.

With intuitive adjustment tools, powerful batch processing and more, you can accelerate your photo workflow. A single photo can have so many differences in effects, color and appearance. Have you ever tried to rescue a photo with your photo-editing software only to find out that the image was way too overexposedunderexposed or the color balance is beyond hope?

But is one photo format really better than the other? RAW debate in this Corel blog post. It highlights a photo from Alexander Vlad showing how to make the jump to RAW can help you unlock the true potential of your photos. With content-sensitive software, such as Corel PaintShop Proyou can make non-destructive edits that ensure your original image remains fully in tact. Make any changes you desire, knowing you can always revert back to the original image.

Plus, PaintShop Pro continues to add support for new camera models. Take a closer look at the complete list of cameras supported by PaintShop Pro! Toggle navigation. Download Trial. Download a Free Day Trial Now! Need to Download PaintShop Pro?Raw format — the format of the source files of a digital camera obtained directly from its matrix. In contrast to the more common for all.

Modern photo editing software makes it possible to edit the image, as it is necessary before convert raw to jpeg. Depending on the brand of the camera, raw image can have a different format.

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-known digital photo editors.

wedding raw files download

It has very ample opportunities for editing Raw images. One of the distinguishing features of Lightroom is the ability to conveniently catalog photos. Camera raw is a plugin built into Photoshop, created by Adobe company. It is made on the same engine as Lightroom, therefore it has almost all the same tools for processing raw images as Lightroom.

The plugin was created to allow Photoshop users to work with raw files without leaving the program. Capture One is another digital photo editor from the Danish company Phase One who does an excellent job with raw photos. Just as Lightroom has the ability to catalog photographs and all the necessary tools for image editing.

Has a reputation as one of the best programs to work with color. Want to professional help with image processing? We are ready to become your reliable partner!

BMPCC 6K First Footage & Downloadable Clips

Free Raw Format Photos. Best Raw photo editing software Lightroom Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-known digital photo editors. Camera Raw Camera raw is a plugin built into Photoshop, created by Adobe company.

Capture One Capture One is another digital photo editor from the Danish company Phase One who does an excellent job with raw photos.In photographyRAW images are less popular since they require more touches before ready to use. RAW is a proprietary format. Each camera brand has its own file extension of RAW.

Your RAW-formatted image will remain good in quality. Your JPG-formatted image will also probably remain looks good, but it will lose its quality. If you recently want to learn editing RAW file but is too busy to go out for photographing, there are some websites where you can download some RAW images for free so that you can start learning immediately. Here is the list. FixThePhoto is a professional photo editing company, which offers Photoshop services for all genres of digital photography since Here you can download free RAW photos that you use for training photo retouching skills or other personal purposes.

Portraits, still-lives, product, real estate, baby, family, jewelry or wedding photos free and easy to download. You can discover unique assets for your projects. This website comes with a very good navigation where images are gathered based on camera brand. But, the website also kindly offers free RAW files that you can download to learn image editing or other purpose. The RAW file — just like the service — is limited to portrait photo.

Not all items available on this site are free, some are paid. You need to create an account first in order to download the free box.

RAW photos on this site are available on royalty free license. You can use the images for calendars, portfolio and posters other than for learning. I would like to add a new project for getting raw photos for free.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Better Tech Tips.

By Aliko Sunawang. Updated: January 16, Tags list photography raw. Do you install Elementor on your WordPress site? If yes, you might want to enrich your widget library. Although the default widgets Read more. Unfortunately, not all Email marketing is essential in the overall online marketing process. Unlike social media, email marketing has no dependency on the algorithm.We are presenting new bank of pictures for those, who want to have a bit of retouching practice.

All images have not been retouched and can be used for applying various editing options. Practice is important for photographers, who dream about getting world recognition, and editors, who are thirsty for discovering something in digital enhancing. Especially for them our team has created storage of free raw images for retouching.


So, why unretouched photos for practice are so useful, who will need free raw images most of all and why we have presented photos to practice Photoshop on our website? Very often young editors are afraid to show their works to the international audience. For these beginners various free raw files for retouching have been uploaded to our website.

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The most pleasant thing is that you can opt for an appealing raw image, download and start using it immediately. No one will see that you have downloaded free raw photos and you will do editing only on your own. That will teach you to be independent and to have your unique style of retouching. For instance, you opt for raw image files, download, select necessary strategies of enhancing and everything is ready.

In the bank pictures to practice Photoshop have been presented for non-commercial using. That is an important thing, as you may get free raw images without any paid cent. Here you will find a tremendous number of versatile raw files, download and try them.

How to Import RAW Files into Lightroom

But if you feel that something has been missed, we will be thankful to see some added images to practice Photoshop.

Every customer has rights to enrich our storage of free raw files for retouching. The only request is to indicate the used source. If you upload free raw images done by your hand, then you will be mentioned as an author of photos.

Free Hasselblad RAW file download - MARKUS P PHOTOGRAPHY

But if also have downloaded free raw images for retouching from other sites, mention their addresses. This way clients that will further find your raw files, download and use them, will not have problems with copyrights.Using RAW files can enhance the quality of your wedding photographs.

In order to manipulate the files, you will need to use imaging software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. Many photographers choose Lightroom for this because it offers more advanced storage and organization options. Keep reading to learn how to import raw files into Lightroom. Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in post production services for photographers. We also provide valuable tips and tricks to make your post-wedding workflow as streamlined as possible.

Below is a step-by-step process that explains exactly how to import RAW files into Lightroom, and a few extra hints to make your wedding photo import process as seamless as possible so you can share your unique photography style with clients. JPEGs come with plenty of limitations. One way that you are limited by JPEGs is the quality of the file and the information that is included in each file.

When shooting with JPEG, many aspects of the images cannot be corrected with the original file, such as lighting, image quality, color balance, over-processed images, and lack of detail.

Adobe Lightroom is an image file editor, organizer, and publisher. After you receive your images back, you can also publish them directly from Lightroom instead of saving them to your hard drive or the Cloud first; although this is a recommended step to secure your files and even add your metadata and keywords to your files right in the program.

Many photographers prefer Lightroom over Adobe Photoshop because Lightroom allows them complete control over their photos. Understanding how to import RAW files into Lightroom is the first step to creating a fast and efficient workflow alongside your wedding photo editing company. While managing photos in the program is a breeze, understanding how to import RAW files into Lightroom can be a lengthy process.

To start, you will need to import your files into the program and choose which photos need to be manipulated with Lightroom. Luckily, the Lightroom import settings are fairly straightforward. And, a wedding photography editing company is prepared to take on the rest of the work for you once your files are imported. Step 1: Connect your internal storage device such as a USB card or your camera to your computer and open the Lightroom program. An import window should automatically pop up in the program when it detects your external storage device.

Step 2: Select the source from which you would like to import the RAW photos. Lightroom will detect any source attached to your laptop, so you will need to specify which source you want to use.

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You can also choose if you want Lightroom to eject your source after you are finished importing your files. Step 3: A box should pop up with thumbnails of all of your photos. If your photo has already been uploaded into Lightroom, the thumbnail will look gray. The tricky part about Lightroom is that it cannot distinguish between photos based on the image qualities, only the names. This means if you have two of the same photos with different file names, Lightroom will think they are two separate photos.

That is why it is so important to create a naming convention structure for your photos as you import them into Lightroom. Step 4: From here, you can move, copy, add, or copy as DNG files. Step 5: Choose your preview quality and decide if you want to use Smart Previews this allows you to post process a file and makes it easy to partner with a post production photo editing company, like ShootDotEdit.